A Patented Platform Technology

N-Lighttm kits are powered by the ultra-sensitive AquaSparktm platform technology and pioneering phage science.


Our platform technology Transforms the way testing is done

  • Safe, lab-free, on-site testing
  • Detection of live bacteria
  • Phage specificity boost
  • No sample preparation
  • Time-to-result 8-24h
  • Validated against EU ISO method

Highly superior
platform technology

AquaSparktm is a groundbreaking platform technology consisting of synthetic molecules. Their design enables them to detect live bacteria using chemiluminescence, a chemical light reaction. The central “light-emitting part” of the AquaSparktm molecule is combined with a bacteria-specific substrate. Target bacteria produce enzymes or other hydrolysis triggers that cause the AquaSparktm molecule to split. As a result, the reaction induces light emission. Moreover, a simple light sensor measures this emission. Due to the AquaSparktm modular toolbox's virtually endless possibilities, the N-Lighttm platform can be tailored to detect any chosen microorganisms. For example, bacteria, parasites, viruses, or fungi. Chemiluminescent light produced by AquaSparktm is 1000 times brighter than traditional molecules. Consequently, this makes our N-Lighttm solution a cutting-edge technology for sensitive detection across a wide range of applications.


phage technology

Phages are small biological machines that efficiently and specifically kill bacteria. Furthermore, NEMIS develops unique bacteria-specific proprietary enrichment broths containing cocktails of bacteriophages to selectively enhance the growth of targeted pathogens. As a result, this leads to both enhanced specificity and sensitivity of our N-Lighttm diagnostic kits.


Cutting-edge platform technology with molecules 1000 times brighter than the standard.


AquaSparktm is a patented platform technology consisting of synthetic molecules designed to detect live bacteria using a chemical light reaction. Chemiluminescent light produced by AquaSparktm is 1000 times brighter than traditional molecules and has been validated in a number of peer-reviewed journals. Consequently, our diagnostic kits are at the cutting-edge of science. Read our publications to get a glimpse into our research and the broad applications space our technology opened up.

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