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Simple, Safe, and Reliable On-site Pathogen Detection in Your Food Factory


1 in 10

people fall ill from eating contaminated food

us 110$ B

are lost each year in productivity and medical expenses


is the mortality rate with Listeria monocytogenes

Source: who

Unlock the hidden potential of your environmental monitoring program.


Simple, safe and rapid on-site environmental testing

Listeria and Salmonella outbreaks in food processing environments are on the rise. Conventional detection methods are not suitable for the industry’s complex, fast-paced environment, resulting in a lack of control over microbiological risks.

Where conventional methods fall short in terms of speed, ease of use and cost, NEMIS understands the importance of providing reliable data as quickly as possible. Only the right screening tool can prevent and stop the spread of dangerous bacteria early enough. Read more about the issues traditional diagnostics face.

NEMIS tackles the current challenge by offering a rapid and cost-effective lab-free screening tool. Our method enables extensive and frequent on-site testing, revolutionizing environmental monitoring.


No lab required


Closed system from sampling to detection


Take action after only 24 hours


No sample preparation required


Intuitive user experience


Enables mass testing


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Increase your testing and decrease your risk all within the same budget.

About Nemis

NEMIS Technologies AG, one of the Top 15 Swiss Biotech Startups (2021), was founded in 2018 by experienced scientists and business builders.  We leverage the AquaSparkTM technology to address the challenges of providing safe food for globally growing demand.


Safe food is a human right. At NEMIS, we aim to make it a global reality.

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