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Check out our expert corner, where industry experts and key opinion leaders from all around the world share their expertise and ideas about food safety, providing valuable and powerful insights.

As the world’s population is growing rapidly and living standards are rising, food production will have to double by 2050. While an estimated 1.4 billion pathogen detection tests are conducted every year, the food industry is aware that current testing practices and technologies lag behind the challenge. As a result, food safety is no longer a matter of simply testing but a matter of smart testing. The potential of cutting-edge technologies is maximized when paired with a comprehensive understanding of specific microbiological challenges.

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Shaping the Future of Digital Quality Systems

Hi Philipp! It’s nice to be talking to you. Could you share with our readers the vision and mission behind 1Lims, the startup you co-founded in 2018? Furthermore, I am of course curious to hear about your personal drive behind this venture? Continue reading....


Philipp OsterwalderJanuary 25, 2022

Investing in innovative new solutions – a Distributor’s perspective

It is a great pleasure to talk to you today, Julia! How did you become aware of NEMIS, and what convinced you to be the very first distributor to include our Listeria rapid test in your product portfolio? Continue reading....


Julia DeiningerNovember 26, 2021

Interview with NEMIS investors Michael Schnopp & Michael Fuellemann

Michael Schnopp is Managing Partner at Schnopp & Partners, an executive search consultancy. He started his career with a business apprenticeship in the semiconductor industry and later switched to accounting and auditing. After many years of experience in the insurance environment and private banks, he started a degree Continue reading....


Michael Schnopp & Michael Fuellemann November 1, 2021

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