Christoph Glauser, Co-Partner Eyweid AG

“Without the N-Light™ test, I could not sell my raw milk soft cheese. The cost and risk would be too high, and I would not be flexible enough. With our new adaptive system, we can assure product safety and quality.”

Elisa Stamm, Quality Assurance Manager Kellermann AG

“We have had a great experience with the N-LightTM Listeria monocytogenes rapid test. We have really fast results, it is incredibly easy to use and we are happy that there will be further pathogens to be detected in the future.”

Angela Stadelmann, Quality Manager Metzgerei Angst AG

“With the N-LightTM Listeria monocytogenes rapid test, we have found a method that allows us to perform an efficient Listeria monitoring in our production facility. The application is user-friendly and provides reliable results in a short time. This helps us enormously to ensure the food safety for our products.”

Jessica Widmer, Quality Manager Yooji’s Manufaktur

“Thanks to the rapid test, we receive reliable results within 24h and can therefore react quickly, improve and produce with a clear conscience. The easy handling encourages us to test more often, which steadily increases self-monitoring.”